FLO Student Support

Personalising your FLO

As a user in FLO you have a profile with a number of settings that control the way FLO displays certain information about you.

Please see the instructions to upload a profile picture and change the colour of your FLO.

  •    Upload a profile picture by first clicking on your name then selecting 'profile' from the drop-down menu. 

    Click your name then choose 'profile'

    Click 'edit profile' on the next page
    Click 'edit profile'

    Upload a profile picture by either using drag and drop or file browse
    Upload a picture by dragging and dropping or using the file browse

    Click 'update profile' to save
    Click 'update profile'

  • Change the colour of your FLO by clicking 'customise this page' on your FLO homepage.
    Select one of the four colour options then click 'stop customising this page' to save your selection.

Select 'customise this page'
Select colour then click 'stop customising this page'