FLO Student Support

Your Topics in FLO

Access to your topics

Topics in FLO are made available to students 7 days before the start date of the topic.

After most topics end you will have continued access for a further 365 days, after which time you will no longer be able to access your topic or its content.  Before you lose access to your topic it is highly recommended that you make a copy of any content that you might like to refer to later.  You can check when your access is scheduled to expire by looking on your 'my FLO' page

Check when your access ends by checking on your 'My FLO' page.

Organising your topics

FLO initially separates your topics into yearly and 'additional' tabs.  When you 'favourite' topics a 'favourites' tab will be generated also. 

Your topics are divided into tabs

As you progress through your studies from semester to semester your FLO homepage may start to look a little crowded as most of your topics stay active for 365 days after completion. This means at any one time you could have up to two years’ worth of content on FLO.

To simplify your FLO you may like to rearrange the order of your topics, hide some topics from view, or 'favourite' selected topics.

  • How to 'favourite' topics

    First click 'my topics' to view all your topics.

    Select 'my topics'

    Click the yellow star beside the topics you would like to 'favourite'

    Any topic you favourite will appear at the top of your 'my topics' list with a bright yellow star and will appear in your 'favourites' tab.

    You can remove a favourited topic by clicking again on the bright yellow star.

    Favourites topics

  • How to hide topics from view

    First click 'customise this page'.  Customise this page button
    Then, to hide a particular topic from view, select the 'eye' icon beside it. 
    To save your changes click 'stop customising this page'.

    Click the 'eye' icon to hide a topic

    When you have topics hidden, a notice appears above the yearly tabs that informs you of the number of hidden topics. If you wish to unhide a topic, you can unclick the ‘eye’ icon or simply use the ‘unhide all topics’ option on the hidden topic notification.

  • How to reorder your topics

    First click 'customise this page'. Customise this page button
    Then, use the arrow icons beside the topic to click and drag your topic to its desired location.
    To save your changes click 'stop customising this page'.

    Click and drag to move your topic up or down