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Your Topics in FLO

Are your topics starting within the next week?  To head straight to these topics, use the 'in progress' filter.  

A couple of quick tips: 

  • 'star' important topics that you will use regularly, then use the 'starred' filter for direct access
  • 'sort' your topics by 'last accessed' to keep regularly accessed topics at the top of your list
Full instructions for organising your topics can be found below

Access to your topics

Topics in FLO are made available to students 7 days before the start date of the topic.  You can access these topics with the 'all' filter, or you can filter to 'in progress'.

After most topics end you will have continued access for a further 730 days (24 months), after which time you will no longer be able to access your topic or its content.  Before you lose access to your topic it is highly recommended that you make a copy of any content that you might like to refer to later.  

Organising your topics

Your FLO dashboard will show your recently accessed topics at the top of the screen, with all topics available from your 'my topics' list below.  

Make sure you are looking at the 'My Topics' section in the main part of the FLO dashboard, rather than the abbreviated MyTopics list available from your Navigation menu (down the left side of your page), in order to see your full list of topics and to see filtering options.  

My topics list in context besides the navigation menu    Recently accessed topics appear above all topics

By default, you will see only 12 topics in your my topics list, with any additional topics accessible by using the arrows at the bottom of the list.  If you would like to view more topics per page, you can change the default 12 topics to 'show - 24' or 'show - all'.

You have a good deal of control over how your 'My Topics' list displays, and can customise it to your preferences.  The following customisations are available,

    • Sort preferences - select if you would like to sort your topics by 'topic name' (alphabetical) or 'last accessed'.

      select the 'sort' drop down menu to choose how you would like to sort your topics

    • Filter your topics - 'star' favourite topics for quick access or 'hide from my topics' to hide infrequently used topics.  Alternatively, filter by 'past', 'present' and 'future'.

      - 'Star' favourite topics. 
      Click the elipses by your chosen topic and select 'star this topic'.  Filter by 'starred' to see only those topics you have starred.

      Click the elipses then select 'star this topic'    use the filter to view your starred items

      - 'Hide from view' topics that you don't wish to access everyday.  These topics will then be removed from your default 'all topics' list.
      Click the elipses beside your chosen topic and select 'hide from my topics'.  Filter by 'hidden from my topics' to access these topics if needed. 
      To later restore these topics, filter by 'hidden from my topics' then use the elipses to select 'restore to view'.

      Click the elipses then select 'Hide from my topics'    use the filter to view your 'hidden from my topics' items

- Filter by In progress, Future, or Past.  

As soon as your topics are added to your FLO (7 days before their scheduled start date), they can be found using the In Progress filterPast topics are those that have past their topic end date (normally after the supp exam period has finished), or if topic completion is turned on, those that you have completed.

My topics filter showing 'in progress', 'future', and 'past'

    • Display preferences - select how you would like to view your topics.

      - Choose 'Card' to see your topics in a grid with the coloured tile or image visible
      - Choose 'list' to see your topics in list form
      - Choose 'summary' to see your topics in a list, with a description of the topic if one has been included

      Change your display preferences by selecting the drop down menu

      Topics displayed as a list