FLO Student Support

Logging into FLO - Your FAN and Password

Your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and its associated password is your key to computer-based resources and services at Flinders University, including FLO. 

Your FAN is also your user name for logging into the OKTA Single Sign on Dashboard (https://flinders.okta.com/).

Your FAN is constructed from the first four characters of your surname (family name) followed by four numeric digits to make each FAN unique. If your surname has less than four characters then your FAN will have less characters as appropriate. As an example, the FAN for the seventeenth person with a surname beginning with the letters Blog within the University would be blog0017.  If you have previously studied or worked at Flinders under a different name, your FAN may reflect your previous name.

If you have forgotten your FAN or need to activate it, please follow this link: https://activate.flinders.edu.au/main

If you have forgotten your password go to the Okta sign in page at https://flinders.okta.com  and select Need help signing in?