FLO Student Support

Introduction to FLO

New to Flinders? 

FLO (Flinders Learning Online) is the learning and communications tool that you will use to complete the work in your topics. Watch this short introduction about FLO is and what it is used for.

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Getting to know FLO

Learn how to navigate your way around FLO and locate all the important resources you will need to complete your topic.

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What is FLO? (0:17 secs)

Accessing FLO (0:44 secs)

Understanding your FLO dashboard (1 min 17 secs)

Finding your topic in FLO (2 min 2 secs)

Topic blocks and Topic Coordinator details (2 min 46 secs)

Finding your Readings (3 min 6 secs)

Other important resources in FLO topics e.g., SAMS, topic guide, announcement, and discussion forums (3 min 47 secs)

Assessment tasks and activities (4 min 21 secs)

Submitting assignments (4 min 33 secs)

Finding help (5 min 15 secs)