FLO topic baseline

Baseline FAQ

This information has now been replaced by the FLO starter site.

What is the purpose of the FLO topic baseline?

Students have asked for more consistency across topics in finding the essential information that they require to be successful in their topics. The FLO topic baseline aims to share current recommended practices so that FLO sites will share some common elements. There is still flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of students and teaching staff.

Is the FLO topic baseline mandatory?

No, but we do recommend it as a way to provide consistency across topics for students. You can use the checklist to help you focus on one or two changes in your FLO site or across multiple FLO sites.

How can I use the FLO topic baseline?

The FLO topic baseline checklist can be used at any time during the topic life cycle. 

Before teaching begins

You might use it after your FLO topic site has been rolled over, and after you have gone through the  rollover checklist, to further develop the resources in your FLO site.

During teaching

Use it during teaching to improve your site resources in response to student feedback.

New topics

If you aren’t rolling over a FLO site and have a new topic, the FLO topic baseline starter site can give you a starter point and prompts with some of the main baseline elements.

Where do I get help with the FLO topic baseline?

Contact your college eLearning support team via Service One.