Learning online: guidelines, tips and support

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Depending on where you live, you may need to factor in your time zone when seeking help.

Learning and teaching queries

For queries about topic content, assessment, activities, participation and grades, contact the appropriate person. This might be the topic coordinator, a mentor or a member of the teaching team (eg your tutor). Check the topic site for this information and if you are not sure post to the forum which will be checked regularly by the teaching team.

If you have access issues (eg cannot access certain websites provided as study materials) or other limitations, contact the topic coordinator and discuss with them to find a solution.

Administrative queries

topic informationFor help with topic enrolment, study plans, credit, other topic/course management inquiries contact the college your topic is offered through. To find out which college, select Topic Blocks (top-right corner of the banner) and under the Topic links block, click on Topic information. Click on your topic (if more than one is listed) – the next screen will tell you the college.

Study support

Technical help

  • Help and support for students: technical help, academic and study skills support, other information for current students
  • FLO help (Flinders University website): FLO help (opening hours etc), How to access FLO, FLO FAQ, Library Search Smart Quiz
  • FLO help for students (FLO site): information and resources for students learning to use FLO (videos, tip sheets and other resources)
  • Student computing: new students, online services, computers on campus, your computer, help and support, information security and guidelines

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