Learning online: guidelines, tips and support

Reflect and feed forwardReflect and feed forward

Use feedback on assessment items for future assessment items (feed forward) – this is 'assessment for learning'.

Activities leading to assessment are likely to be spread across the weeks for your topic/s, and depending on the activity/assessment item your time on these tasks will vary. See Self-manage your study for more information.

Understand online assessment

Assignment submission iconAssignment submission (in FLO)

An 'assignment' is a type of assessment (generally substantial) in which students prepare a body of (usually text-based) work, such as an essay, report or presentation. Generally, these types of assessments are submitted through FLO using the Assignment tool. Sometimes, the terms assignment and assessment are used interchangeably – don't be confused, the terms do not make any difference to the task.

At Flinders University, assessments that are generated in electronic format (word-processing, spreadsheets etc) are submitted and returned in an electronic format. You are advised to keep a copy of the final version of all assignments you submit. FLO also stores your electronically submitted assignment.

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Other assessment items 

Your topic coordinator/teacher will explain the criteria for assessment and how to manage contributions or artefact creations that are situated in FLO or in the public arena. 

  • In FLO: You may be assessed on your participation in discussion forums, quiz completion, wiki or blog contributions etc.
  • External to FLO: You may be assessed on your use of an external tool (eg blog), or participation in external sites (eg public forum). If this form of assessment applies in a topic, make sure you communicate in a professional way and remember to keep a copy of your work. If you have any issues accessing an external site, make sure you talk to the topic coordinator to arrange alternative options.

Assessment extensions

Your topic and the college in which it is situated will have a formal process for requesting an extension on an assessment item due date. Please refer to the Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) in your topic/s for more details. In the topic, you may see an icon which looks like this (below), for submitting a request online:

assignment extension tool 

Check your feedback and grades

Check your assessment feedback and grades (eg feedback files, feedback comments, wiki annotations), and make sure the grades add up correctly (Navigation menu > Grades). If you don’t do this post assignment, you may be graded wrongly (eg if you make a mistake uploading your assignment). Don’t wait until you get your final grade in the Student System! 

This advice applies to other assessment items also. For example, you can usually review your quiz choices after you have completed the quiz. Depending on how the quiz is set up, you may also be able to view feedback as you go. 

Ensure that, wherever possible, you take feedback you receive on assessment items forward to other assessment activities. Is there something in the feedback that might apply to other areas of your study at university or even in the workplace? 

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