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 PARA3001: Paramedic Law and Ethics

Welcome to PARA3001 - Paramedic Law and Ethics:

My name is Dr Michael Zhou and I'm your Topic Coordinator for PARA3001 this semester.

PARA3001 is a challenging topic that will engage your critical thinking, decision making and personal reflective skills.

In this course, you will examine the complex array of legal and ethical issues associated with paramedicine clinical practice. The law and bioethical principles impact upon every aspect of your clinical practice and your future employment as paramedic, with your decisions regarding the provision of clinical care increasingly subjected to public scrutiny. Contemporary legal and bioethical issues will be examined in order for you to critically appraise the decisions you make as a paramedic.

What you can expect:

At the end of the topic you should:

  • Appreciate the nature of legal and professional constraints on paramedicine practice in South Australia;
  • Understand the objectives of professional conduct codes for paramedics in Australia;
  • Understand what is meant by the term ‘ethics’ and distinguish its practical from its theoretical variants;
  • Have a grasp on how to read, interpret and apply legislation and case law to legal reasoning.


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