General information on assessment & participation

Submission of assessment items

You must submit your assignments via FLO. All assignments will be submitted to TurnItIn, a text-matching programme, to determine their originality. Text in downloaded templates will be excluded.  

All assignments are to be submitted by the due date, unless you have received confirmation of an approved assignment extension via the Assignment Extension Request Tool. Please make sure you are providing your name, student ID, and your tutor’s name on each assessment.

When submitting your assignments, it is important to:

  • include your name as a footer on each page.
  • number the pages. 
  • Keep a copy of your assignment.

General information relating to assessment

Students should refer to the Statements of Assessment (SAM) sheet at the end of this document for specific details about assessment for this topic. 

Note, the Flinders University student related policies and procedures manual contains detailed information on grading and assessment. These policies outline your rights and responsibilities about assessment. 

Flinders University’s policy on assessment allows students to negotiate possible changes to assessment details. Students who believe that their ability to satisfy the assessment requirements for this topic have been or will be affected by medical, compassionate or other special circumstances (as defined in the policy) and who want these circumstances to be taken into consideration in determining the mark for an assessment exercise may apply in writing to the topic coordinator for special consideration.  The preferred method of application is, for an individual assignment, via the Assignment Extension Requests tool on FLO or, for extended impacts, via email.   

Flinders University requires that students declare the work they submit is their own and that they have read and understood the University Related Academic Policies and procedures on Academic integrity. 


In some instances, a failed assignment with score between 45 and 49 may be resubmitted once. A resubmitted paper can only be graded Fail or Pass.

Due date

The due date refers to the date for submission of your assignments. Submitted assignments/materials must be postmarked or officially franked (as having been sent) on or before that date. 

Late Submission of Assignments - Penalties

Penalties will apply for assignments submitted after the due date and time, for which an extension has not been granted. For every day (or part thereof) after the due date, an assignment will lose 5% of the total mark possible. In practice this means that if a piece of work is given 65% and it is one day late the recorded mark will be 60%. No late work, without extensions, will be marked if submitted more than 2 weeks after the due date. Remember to ‘submit for grading’ all assignments on FLO, otherwise you may still receive a late penalty.


If you require less than a 7-day extension, you must contact the tutor by using the Assignment Extension Request tool on FLO before the due date of the assignment, stating your reasons.

If you require more than a 7-day extension, you must contact the topic coordinator by using the Assignment Extension Request tool on FLO before the due date of the assignment, stating your reasons and providing certification of medical or compassionate grounds.

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