EDUC3628 Topic Welcome

Welcome colleagues,

We are excited to be working with you in this topic. 

During your time in this topic I hope that you find the topic interesting, challenging and useful. As a future middle/secondary teacher it is essential that you start to develop your understandings and skills in the area of numeracy and ICT. These areas are vital for teachers working in contemporary times – if COVID-19 taught us nothing else, it is that teachers effective use of ICT is paramount to successful teaching.  In addition, as with increasing literacy demands, we are seeing further requirements and pressures on students’ development of Numeracy skills.

With shifting demands come a range of challenges for teachers. In this topic we will work to unpack some of the reasons for shifting demands in a theoretical sense. In addition, we will work to make practical the learning you undertake in this topic. We will move beyond planning and learning design towards applied learning and sharing our understanding with colleagues. 

This learning undertaken in this topic will be valuable in your teaching. Not only will you be able to apply your learning and skills in a real-world context, but you will have a deeper understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of changing Numeracy and ICT demands in schools. 

This syllabus contains information about the topic, details about the assessment tasks (including the Statement of Assessment Methods), details about the teaching program and online resources. I encourage you to read it thoroughly, as it will assist you in understanding the objects and content of the course. Hopefully, it will make your life easier by providing one single location with an up-to-date set of resources necessary to complete the topic. 

Should you still have questions or concerns after reading the topic guide please feel free to approach your tutor with your questions. If you need any further support or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact Aidan via email

Best Wishes,

Aidan Cornelius-Bell.

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