How to succeed in this topic (expectations)

The teachers for this topic expect the following (as a minimum) of you as a student:

  • Communicate with other students and support each other (collaborative learning)
  • Spend appropriate learning time in the topic according to the guidelines* (see below):
    • B2.1.1: The standard student workload is based on approximately two hours of time commitment per week per unit (including the time spent in formal classes and individual (non-contact) study time during the specified teaching period) for a notional fifteen-week 'teaching period'.
  • Contact a teacher in this topic if you are uncertain about anything, or use the Questions forum (Communications module) if appropriate
*The Assessment Policy Appendix B: Guidelines for Determining and Publishing Expected Student Workload outlines the 'Standard student workload' per unit/topic/course (this calculation includes contact time). This calculation is intended to help you succeed in your topics, along with other support mechanisms.

As a student, you can expect that teachers will:

  • respond to your queries promptly
  • support your learning
  • make sure you can achieve the learning outcomes for the topic by ensuring the activities and assessment support your learning in an authentic way
  • offer opportunities for 'social presence' (teachers and students) – being present in the topic either f2f or online

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