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Announcements from the Teaching Team
This channel is used for one way news and announcements about the topic by the teaching team.

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Topic Information Give us a Case Study
You all bring a huge range of experiences to this topic. We would love to collect your view on how Numeracy and ICT are being used in schools. Use this forum to contribute a case study (it can be really short). We'll also happily take short videos or blog posts describing your experiences.
Share a Project
Is there a unit of work you want to develop? An idea you want to work on with your (future) students?  Something you want to do with your peers? Maybe you even want to run an in-workshop activity with the class? Contribute your project ideas here.
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Forum for general discussion. You need to subscribe to this forum if you wish to keep updated with posts. 
All posts should follow the University's Netiquette guidelines.

Topic Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Ask your questions about topic content, lectures, teaching and learning, assessment and all things ICT and Numeracy here. By posting here you are helping colleagues find answers to the same kinds of questions. 

Week 1: Introduction to the General Capabilities of Numeracy and ICT Week 1: Diving into the general capabilities & the curriculum

Use this forum to post your findings from the first week. Include your curriculum specialisation/focus area. 

Week 7: Designing learning supported with technology Workshop Activity: Bringing it together

Post your learning areas, ICT and numeracy links, your three learning intentions, your digital tool and supporting statement, and any other comments about how your brand new unit framing/outline might work.