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Important Dates Reminder

Important Dates Reminder

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3 August: Last Day to Enrol and Register for Classes for Semester 2 topics
Please note that Friday 3 August 2012 is the last day to enrol for semester 2 topics.  Class registrations for all semester 2 topics will also close on Friday 3 August 2012 (unless otherwise advised). Please ensure you are enrolled in all topics and registered for all classes by the end of that day. 

Be aware that 31 August 2012 is the census date for semester 2 topics – i.e. the last day to withdraw from semester 2 topics without incurring tuition fees, student contribution amounts, or student services and amenities fees.  If you stay enrolled after this date you will have to meet all the costs of study, even if you later withdraw from the topic(s).  Detailed instructions about how to withdraw are available online.

10 August: Due Date for Semester 2 Fees

Please note that Friday 10 August 2012 is the due date for payment of semester 2 fees.  If you are eligible to defer payment of student contributionamounts, tuitionfees, and student services and amenities fees through HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, or SA-HELP you must submit the appropriate forms before the census dates for your topics

A special reminder to students eligible for a SA-HELP loan (Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders): if you wish to defer payment of your student services and amenities fee you must submit your SA-HELP form in addition to any HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP forms you may have already submitted.  You can do this online through the Student Information System.

Failure to pay fees owing will result in a sanction being applied which will limit your access to a range of University services including the Library and your results. Unpaid student contribution amounts and tuition fees will result in the cancellation of your current enrolment.   Re-instatement of your enrolment after cancellation, if permitted, will incur a charge of $100.  See for further details.

Remember:  The University will not mail you an invoice for your fees.  It is your responsibility to check your fee balances regularly, especially if you have recently changed your enrolment, or have an enrolment in Non-Semester 2 topics where the payment due dates are different. The amount owing is available via the ‘My Finances’ in the Student Information System.

This advice has been sent to all students.  The enrolment and class registration deadline applies to students undertaking Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework awards. Research Higher Degree students should contact their Faculty Higher Degree administrative officer for information about amending their enrolment.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above please contact Enrolment Services by return e-mail - or telephone: 8201 3950 or 1300 360351 (local call charge only).  If your query is specific to your fees, please contact Student Finance Services on 8201 3143.