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Upcoming Changes to Wifi Networks

Upcoming Changes to Wifi Networks

by Flinders University -
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The University is planning a change to simplify the Wifi networks available on campus. On 1 April 2015 we will no longer offer the Wifi network named “Flinders”. We recommend you migrate to eduroam wireless as soon as practical.

Removal of the Flinders Wifi network will:

  • Ensure students take advantage of the eduroam wireless access, which has the added advantage of providing wireless access while on Flinders University campuses, other major Universities in South Australia and soon Flinders Medical Centre;
  • Improve security by ensuring all wireless communications are encrypted;
  • Provide a more seamless experience as users on eduroam do not need to sign into a web site portal.

What is expected to change?

The ‘Flinders’ Wifi network will no longer be available at any Flinders University campus locations and students will need to connect to the eduroam Wifi network. If you have a mobile device or laptop that was previously connected to the Flinders Wifi network we recommended you configure your device to connect to eduroam by following the available instructions (

What if I need more assistance?

If you require assistance transitioning to the eduroam Wifi network please contact the FLO Student Helpdesk via or by telephoning 1800 200 292 (International callers +61 8 8201 5378).