Text-matching software

4. Final submission of an assignment

For final submission of your assignment, text-matching will occur automatically when you submit through the FLO page for your topic

Step 1: Navigate to your topic. Locate the assignment that you wish to submit click on the link.

The assessment description     

Ch4 step 1.2

Step 2: If you have not already done so, accept the latest Turnitin ‘End User License Agreement’ (EULA) before you are able to submit your assignment. This is required only once per user


Step 3: Upload your file using drag and drop or use the ‘Add’ button and select ‘Save changes’

Step 3 assignment submission

Step 4: If the screen looks like the one below your assignment is being sent to text-matching software and the report will be processed. Here you can review your submission details before finalising your submission (eg. have you uploaded the correct file?). If you need to change something click 'Edit Submission'.
Ch4 step 4

Step 5: To finalise submission, click 'Submit assignment'. You do not need to wait for the report to be generated before finalising your submission.

Ch 4 Step 5 Submission add

Step 6: You may have to accept the Flinders University academic integrity statement. Tick the acceptance box first and then select 'Continue'

Ch 4 Step 6 Declare

Step 7: The submission status should now show as 'Submitted for grading' which means your assignment submission is finalised. You will also receive an email confirmation to your student email address. You can view the final text-matching report from this page (when it is available). You will know it is available when there is a coloured box below the Turnitin ID. Access the report by clicking on the coloured box with the percentage number.

Ch 4 Step 7 Submission status

Remember, the percentage may change after your submission if there is text matching with other students in your class.  Any changes can take up to 4 weeks to appear.