Text-matching software

2. Submission of drafts

If you are unsure whether or not your written work may too closely resemble your source material, you may wish to check your DRAFT assignment through text-matching software before submitting the final version of your assignment. There will be a submission box for text-matching in every FLO topic site where you can upload drafts to get a text-matching report.

Step 1: Login to FLO at: http://flo.flinders.edu.au

Step 1 My FLO

Step 2: Open your topic and select ‘Text-matching – submit DRAFTS here’

Step 2 DEMO0000

Step 3: In the ‘My Submissions’ tab, click 'Submit Paper' button (bottom right). This will replace any existing submission (ie. you can only check 1 document at a time).

Step 3

Step 4: Complete the Submission Title (this can be whatever you like), upload the file you wish to submit, 'tick' to confirm it your own work and select ‘Add Submission’.

Step 4 DEMO draft box

Once submitted a confirmation window will appear. You can close this (top right corner). A search will now be conducted to match text against the current and archived Internet, globally submitted student papers and accessible content databases, including library databases, text-book publishers and digital reference collections. Time taken to generate a report will vary from 5 minutes to 24 hours to return a report.

Step 5: To open the report, return to the ‘My Submission’ tab and click on the coloured % link of your last draft. 

When a report is generated, the percentage symbol (%) will replace the word ‘Pending’ beneath the heading ‘Similarity’.

Step 5 Sim score

You will see similarity expressed as a percentage. The report can be accessed by clicking the percentage. If this is your first time using the Turnitin software you will be prompted to accept the ‘Turnitin User Agreement’ before you are able to access the report.

The percentage is the amount of text in your paper that has been matched to other sources. Remember this tool only matches text; it does not make any decisions about whether the matched text is plagiarism or not. Text matching can occur for many valid reasons (such as including the question in your paper, correctly quoting a source or correctly referencing a source), so a percentage of 0% matching is rare. There is also no real threshold percentage where one can say the level of text matching is acceptable or not. The determination of what is plagiarism and what is not, is a human decision, not a numerical one.