Text-matching software

1. Text-matching

Flinders University provides text-matching software for use by staff and students. Except where an exemption has been granted for special circumstances, all text-based student assignments will be subject to text-matching. Flinders University currently uses Turnitin as its text-matching software program. As text-matching software can also be a valuable learning tool, text-matching is also available to all students via FLO (Flinders Learning Online) for checking draft assignments.

Why use text-matching software?

Text-matching software identifies either similar or exact matches between submitted work and other digital material. This material may include the Internet, electronic databases and other students' work. The Flinders University Academic Integrity Policy includes a provision that allows students to submit drafts of their assignment.

If you are unsure whether or not your written work may too closely resemble your source material, you may wish to check your DRAFT assignment through text-matching software before submitting the final version of your assignment. Each University topic will provide a draft submission box that connects you to text-matching software and will generate a report for review see Submission of drafts.

Alternatively you could upload a practice document by navigating to the Text-matching site. Note: this will direct you through to the 'Text-matching' FLO site and you will need to enrol yourself by clicking on the Enrol Me button. This site is not linked to a teaching topic and should not be used for final submission of assignments.

Enrolling into this site will add a permanent link into your My FLO topics list for accessing reports generated through this site.

Need help interpreting your text-matching report?

If you require support to interpret a text-matching report for a draft or final assignment see Interpreting the text-matching report

Final assignment submission

For final submission of your assignment, text-matching will occur automatically when you submit through the FLO page for your topic see Submitting your final assignment. Please do not use the draft text-matching box for final submission of assignments.

Accessing support

For technical assistance with draft submissions of for final assignment submission contact the FLO Student Help Desk 1300 FLINDERS, flo.student@flinders.edu.au or visit level 1 of the Library.

For assistance with interpreting text-matching reports, academic writing and referencing drop in to the Learning Lounge in the Library or, if you are an external student, contact us via email us on  slss@flinders.edu.au.