Assignment 2: ePortfolio Submission

Due: Monday, 19 October 2020, 11:55 PM
Assignment 2 Video rundown of doing (overview)

Assignment 2 Video rundown of submitting (process)

Assignment question: Construct an ePortfolio post that discusses a significant issue in cyber safety, with an example relevant to your future students and school community for students in years 7 through 10.

Your post should be no more than 1,800 words and posted through the Mahara ePortfolio.

Example process:

  1. Research cyber bullying in the context of high school years 8-10 in Australia
  2. Use your findings to frame this as background information to: 
  3. Find an example of an event of cyber bullying in an Australian high school context
  4. Find an appropriate primary source (e.g. an online news story, etc.)
    • Outline the impacts, the story briefly, the impacts and ramifications of this incident for your students
    • Focus on the ‘lesson’ – what might your students or parents do to prevent this kind of event occurring in their community.
  5. Create a promotion or strategy that responds to this example in the context of your students (perhaps pick a year level to target explicitly, imagine a diverse classroom and how you might actually address this with your students, and the school community)
  6. Find some appropriate digital resources (links) that might support students and community member understanding of the issues at hand.
  7. Submit your ePortfolio page to the Mahara ePortfolio on FLO
    • You might like to establish this as a digital portfolio in relation to the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching (AITSL Standards) for use in the rest of your degree.