Assignment 1: Quantitative Numeracy Investigation

Opened: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 11:55 PM
Due: Monday, 21 September 2020, 11:55 PM

Assignment 1: An Overview Video

Assignment question: Demonstrate how numeracy can enhance learning in your subject area, explore how you can use numeracy to enrich learning in the subject, find evidence and data that justifies your position.  

Your presentation of the data should be approximately 400 words. Your discussion should be 750 – 850 words. 

Example process: 

  1. Identify your subject area (e.g. drama, science)
  2. Go to the Australian Curriculum and explore how numeracy is integrated into content descriptors in your subject area
  3. Identify some opportunities for using quantitative research data in your area
  4. Based on this, find some data that might be used as an example with students (e.g. ABS reports, government policy data)
  5. Present the data and provide a brief explanation of it, its relevance, and how you might use it in your area of study (remembering that it is to be integrated into your subject area, rather than a stand-alone maths unit) 
  6. Create a research question, based on your subject area and presented data, that you might use with students to drive a numeracy investigation 
  7. Discuss how students might investigate this question, with the appropriate data, in your curriculum area and give an example of how using data might be useful to understand students’ learning. (For example, if you are teaching history, how can you quantify changes over time, can you communicate something such as wage changes over time, population shifts, etc.? What kinds of skills will students need to critically understand this?).
  8. Append to your discussion ways that you might employ ICT to support students’ investigation or understanding of numeracy concepts.