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  • Key information

    Key information

    The resources in this section are important to successful progression into and completion of your placement experience. During your placement, you may be referred to these items. 

  • Communications

    Alison Lamnek is the WIL Coordinator and can be contacted at any time to help you with any queries about the the program, its processes and throughout your placement experience in the workplace. Brenton Fiedler is the Topic Coordinator responsible for academic matters.

    Contact details can be obtained from this site (Contact block) or the School WIL page

  • Why do WIL?

    Why do WIL?WIL experiences such as placements can make a real difference to getting 'career ready'. These topics are  designed to give students a real opportunity to gain practical experience that may help guide career choices, enhance professional identity and employability, and enable them to link theory into practice.

  • Steps 1 & 2: Get started

    The process flowcharts (Key information) guide you through the processes for pre-placement, placement, and post placement.

  • Step 3: Register for a workshop

    If you have completed steps 1 and 2, you are now ready for step 3.

  • Step 4: Prepare for the workshop

    Your participation in the one-day workshop will provide you with information about WIL, the assessment requirements and procedures, as well as invaluable career management resources and skills development.  It will also provide an opportunity to meet with the WIL Coordinator to discuss your requirements and placement opportunities, and/or to gain further information on sourcing your own placement if this is your preference.

    Once you have registered to attend a workshop you will receive a ticket, reminder emails confirming workshop details, and additional information you need to prepare for the workshop. 

  • Step 5: Connect with a host organisation

    You can either source a host organisation for a placement yourself, or the WIL Coordinator may be able to recommend you to existing placements.

    • FBS WIL flyer File 567.7KB PDF document
  • Step 6: Enrol in BUSN3044 / 9126

    Once documentation is complete (see Step 5), the WIL team will enrol you into the WIL topic BUSN3044 / BUSN9126. Once enrolled in the topic, you will need to complete Pre-Place.  

    Information about Pre-Place is provided here, and also in your topic site (BUSN3044 / BUSN9126). From now on, your WIL participation will occur in the topic site (not this generic site). Access BUSN3044 / BUSN9126 from your topic list (which sits in your current-year tab).

    Pre-Place overview

    Pre-Place WIL banner

    Pre-Place is an online program designed to provide guidance to students prior to commencing an Industry Placement. It is compulsory if you are enrolled in an industry placement topic (BUSN3044 / BUSN9126). 

  • Career resources

    Resources bankUse these resources to prepare for the workshop (Step 4) and as an ongoing professional development tool.

    The impact of globalisation on individual’s career and work lives continues to be of key importance.  Given the turbulent nature of contemporary work life and the requirement for multiple occupational transitions, all students in the 21st century require the knowledge, skills and capabilities to manage their progression in learning and work throughout their life.