Module Name Description
Topic Information Page EDUC3628 Topic Welcome

A welcome to the topic from the Topic Coordinator.

Page College Statement of Roles, Responsibilities and Values

A statement from the Discipline of Education on the Roles, Responsibilities and Values of teachers and learners.

Page EDUC3628 Teaching Team

An introduction to the members of your teaching team for EDUC3628 in 2020.

Page General information on assessment & participation

Home of all information about how we assess, resubmit, and approve extensions for the topic.

Page Communication Expectations

This page details what you should expect from us in terms of communication about the topic. 

Log in to Tutorials and Communication Tools Page List of Useful ICT Tools for EDUC3628

Use this link to find a range of digital tools for your use in the ICT portion of the topic.

Assessment URL Academic Integrity for students
URL 3628 Assignment 2 – Example 1

Note: this was not produced on Mahara (ePortfolio)

URL 3628 Assignment 2 – Example 2

Note: this was not produced on Mahara (ePortfolio)

Week 1: Introduction to the General Capabilities of Numeracy and ICT URL Week 1: Interactive Welcome and Lecture

This constitutes the 'lecture' and welcome to the topic for Week 1. This is a semi interactive narrative based tool used to communicate about the General Capabilities broadly. 

Page Week 1 asynchronous activity

This activity explainer is for those students who are out on practicum.

⬇️  Post your general capability / curriculum area exploration below. 

Week 2: Quantitative research skills for teaching numeracy and ICT Page Week 2 Videos
Page Week 2 asynchronous activity

This activity explainer is for those students who are out on practicum.

Week 3: Unpacking the Numeracy Continuum Page Week 3 Videos
URL National Numeracy Learning Progression
Page Week 3 asynchronous activity

This activity explainer is for those students who are out on practicum. Explore the wiki  ⬇️

Week 4: ICT Across the curriculum? Digital Citizenship and Resources Page Week 4 Lecture Chunks
URL Information and communication technology (ICT) capability
URL The Research Files: Keeping students safe online
URL Relationship between screen time and metabolic syndrome in adolescents
URL Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents
URL Comparison of Australian Curriculum and other curriculums
URL Learning Design Template
File Slides for Week 4 Tutorial – 3628 Workshop1
URL Cyber Safety Resource Video
URL Task 2 Sharing: Padlet
Week 5: Digital Pedagogies and Our Online Presence Page Week 5 Lecture Chunks
URL Week 5 Reading - Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
File ACB Week 5 3628 Workshop 2
URL Schools given all-clear to dump NAPLAN online for pen and paper test
Week 6: Have we mentioned pedagogy? Page Week 6 Lecture Chunks
Page More on PBL

This short video is an introduction to PBL workshop I ran with a group of teachers in Northern SA a few years ago. Provided for interest. 

URL Learning from Mistakes
File Week 6 Reading - Transforming tasks overview chart
URL Week 6 Reading - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
File ACB Week6 3628 Workshop3
URL Australian Curriculum STEM Report
URL 3D: Bloom's Taxonomy
Week 7: Designing learning supported with technology Page Week 7 Lecture Chunks
File Week7 3628 Workshop4
Week 8: Assessment with Integrated ICT and Numeracy Page Week 8 Lecture Chunks
File Digital Tools for Formative Assessment
URL Reframing feedback to improve teaching and learning
Week 9: Modelling ICT and Numeracy practice in a Lesson URL Reading Week 7 - Memex in your Pocket
File Computing Science Unplugged
URL Digital Technologies Hub (Aus - resource)
URL Computer Science Field Guide