Online exam invigilation FAQs - exam rules and academic integrity

The FAQS below relate to exam rules and academic integrity for online exams taken with the online invigilation software (RPNow). If the answer to your question or issue isn't included below, please seek advice from your Topic Co-ordinator. 

How does the remote invigilator determine if I have failed to abide by the exam rules? 

Remote invigilators will be given a set of exam rules for each exam. They will refer to these as they review the videoaudio, and screen recording of your exam session to determine if there has been any failure to comply with the rules 

Failure of the following (not limited to) will be considered a failure to abide by the examination rules:

  • Not correctly completing the identity verification process 
  • Having non-permitted items in the room 
  • Using items or materials to gain an unfair advantage 
  • Communicating with others during the exam (with the exception of the technical support team via the live support chat)
  • Leaving the view of the webcam during the exam 

A failure to meet student academic integrity requirements in examinations may include, but is not restricted to:

  • being in possession of any material or device which contains or conveys, or is capable of conveying, information concerning the subject matter under examination, other than where this is permitted under the University's Assessment Policy or by an examiner;  
  • directly or indirectly giving assistance to any other student;  
  • directly or indirectly accepting assistance from any other student;  
  • permitting a student to copy from or otherwise use another student's work;  
  • obtaining or endeavouring to obtain, directly or indirectly, assistance during the examination or giving or endeavouring to give, directly or indirectly, assistance to any other student.  

What will happen if I fail to abide by the exam rules?  

Where an invigilator detects a failure to abide by the exam rules, they will report the matter to your Topic Co-ordinator. Your Topic Co-ordinator will investigate further, including reviewing the videoaudio, and screen recording from your exam session. Failure to comply with exam rules will be regarded as a failure to meet student academic integrity requirements under the Student Academic Integrity Policy. 

My Topic Co-ordinator has permitted the use of specific materials during my exam.  
What do I need to do to use these in compliance with the exam rules?  

If electronic or online reference materials have been specifically permitted in your exam rules, in most cases your Topic Co-ordinator will provide hyperlinks or attachments within the exam that you can use to access them. Your use of these materials will be captured in the screen recording and verified to ensure youve abided by the rules.  

If physical or hard copy materials have been specifically permitted, you’ll be required to thoroughly scan each of the items using your webcam. You should make sure these items are displayed on your desk during your room scan. The exam instructions may also prompt you to show them more closely before you begin your exam. For example, if scribble paper is permitted, you may be prompted to display both sides of your paper to the webcam to demonstrate that it is free from notes. If a calculator is permitted, you may be asked to clear its memory in view of the webcam.  

Please look for the specific instructions about permitted materials as provided in your FLO topic prior to the exam and within the exam itself and follow them carefully. 

Last modified: Monday, 18 March 2019, 12:37 PM