Online exam invigilation FAQs - special exam conditions

The FAQS below relate to special exam conditions for online exams taken with the online invigilation software (RPNow). If the answer to your question or issue isn't included below, please seek advice from your Topic Co-ordinator or Health, Counselling & Disability Services.

I have a Disability Access Plan and need accommodations made for my exam. What do I need to do?

Early in the semester, your Topic Co-ordinator will prompt you to action the steps below.

Students who require alternative exam conditions on the basis of a medical condition or disability need to apply for alternative arrangements via Health, Counselling & Disability Services by the following dates;

  • Semester 1 2019 Examinations: Friday 17 May 
  • Semester 2 2019 Examinations: Friday 4 October

You’ll need to provide documentation regarding the nature of the medical condition/disability. Applications must be made through a Counsellor, Doctor, or Disability Advisor (DA) at Health, Counselling & Disability Services (ph 8201 2118). I the condition is permanent or likely to continue for some time, students can negotiate an Access Plan with a Disability Advisor.

For further information, please visit Health, Counselling and Disability services.

I have an NESB card and need access to a dictionary and/or additional writing time for my exam. What do I need to do?

Unlike in an on-campus exam, you don’t need to present an NESB card. If you have NESB allowances, your Topic Co-ordinator will be advised in advance of your exam. They should factor your additional time allowances into your exam when they set it up in FLO. Please contact your Topic Co-ordinator a week prior to the exam to check that they have added in your additional time.

Do not use a hard copy dictionary during an online exam. An online English only dictionary will be available for NESB students, as required.

What are my options if I don’t have a suitable environment or can't meet the technical requirements for taking the online exam?

If you’re unable to secure a suitable environment or cannot meet the technical requirements, you should first seek an alternate location that’s local to you, for example, in the home of a family member or friend, or at a local library that has bookable quiet study spaces and a reliable internet connection.

If you’re unable to find a local alternative that helps you meet the technical or room requirements, you can request to sit the examination at the Flinders University Bedford Park campus.

Requests must be made to your Topic Co-ordinator, no later than:

  • Semester 1 2019 Examination period: Thursday 2nd May
  • Semester 2 2019 Examination period: Thursday 19th September

If your Topic Co-ordinator approves your request, they will then liaise with the College and/or Examination Services as appropriate to arrange a suitable alternative exam location and/or equipment at the Bedford Park campus. 

If you are granted access to a suitable room on campus, you must still sit your exam online. The same exam rules will be applicable and you must sit the exam at the scheduled time.

Last modified: Thursday, 2 May 2019, 1:43 PM