Online exam invigilation FAQs - technical and troubleshooting

The FAQS below relate to the technical setup and troubleshooting for using the online invigilation software (RPNow). If the answer to your question or issue isn't included below, please refer to the Get Help tab to find out where to get additional support. 

If you are having trouble downloading and installing the RPNow secure browser in advance of an exam, please go to this website, click the Get help button and click Live Chat Support

The quiz requires a password, and I don't know what it is, or it's not working!

All FLO quizzes used for online invigilated exams will require a password. Don't panic  - you don't need to know or enter the password yourself! The password is the method we use to make sure that you can only access the exam quiz in FLO once you are working inside the RPNow secure browser. You must not take the exam without being invigilated, so your Topic Co-ordinator will never give you the password. Instead, your Topic Co-ordinator will have coded the password into the RPNow invigilation software for you, so you can just click the green Insert Password button at the top of the RPNow secure browser  and the password will be auto-filled. 

Having password issues?

  • If you don't see the Insert Password button, this means you've either:
    •  attempted the exam without opening the RPNow invigilation software first. Go back into your topic and find the link to the Student Online Exam Invigilation tool (RPNow), open it, and click Begin on the relevant exam session. Once you finish the verification steps, the secure browser will run and you should see the Insert Password button at the top of screen.  
    • opened the RPNow software and completed the steps, but have gone back to your original browser where you had FLO open, and tried to start the quiz there. (This is only possible in online exams where access to other web browsers has been permitted in the exam rules). If this is the case, go back into the RPNow secure browser and log into FLO within it, open your topic and start your quiz. You'll see the Insert Password button at the top of screen.

  • If you're working in the secure browser but the password you inserted doesn't work:
    • Did you re-use an RPNow installation package that you downloaded sometime in the past? (i.e. when you took a practice activity, or a previous exam). If so, this is why it's not working. The download package for each exam is unique, and contains a unique exam password in it's metadata. You need to download the RPNow installation package each time you take an exam. To resolve this, close the RPNow invigilation session you're in. In your usual browser, open FLO and your topic, find the link to the Student Online Exam Invigilation tool (RPNow), open it, and click Begin on the relevant exam session. Download the installation package for this exam, and complete the verification steps. This time, the password should work.
    • If the issue above is not the cause, and you're still having password problems, please use the Contact Support button in the top right of the RPNow secure browser to initiate a live support chat. The support team will attempt to resolve your issue. If they cannot, this may indicate that the cause is a technical or setup error in the exam itself, which is likely to require action from your Topic Co-ordinator to fix. If a password issue prevents you from being able to access the exam, you will need to submit an Online Invigilation Issues Report notifying your Topic Co-ordinator of the problem. If this is an issue that affects all students' ability to take an exam as scheduled, please expect that your Topic Co-ordinator, College, and the Examinations Services team will keep you informed about the resolution timeframe and when you will be able to sit your exam. 

I'm having trouble installing the software or completing the setup steps. How do I get help?

if you've been unable to download and/or install the RPNow software package, you can contact the PSI live support team for assistance. Please go to this website, click the Get help button and click Live Chat Support. Fill in the support request, then wait for a support team member to initiate a chat. 

If you have successfully downloaded the software and launched the RPNow secure browser before encountering your issue, you contact the support team directly via the Contact Support button in the top right of screen of the secure browser. Fill in the support request, then wait for a support team member to initiate a chat. 

The microphone I have is part of a headset, not a standalone microphone. Can I use this in the exam? 
No, the microphone you use must be inbuilt in your laptop or computer, or a standalone microphone. See examples of acceptable standalone microphones. Use of a headset or earphones during the exam will be flagged by invigilators as a failure to abide by the exam rules.

My microphone check was unsuccessful
  • If you’re using a PC and are having problems with your microphone, this support guide may help.
  • If you’re using a Mac, the problem may be that the secure browser is unable to take control of your microphone. This support guide may help.
    My webcam isn’t working 
    • If you’ve opened the RPNow software and the interface is showing a blank space where your webcam input should be, this support guide may help.
    • If you’re using a Microsoft Surface Pro Device and the rear facing camera is turning on instead of the forward facing camera, this support guide may help.  
    • If you’re using a Lenovo computer, and your camera icon is crossed out, this support guide may help.  
    • If you’re using a Mac and the software isn’t able to access your webcam and/or microphone, this this support guide may help.

    I can't move my webcam. How can I scan my room?

    Room scans are straightforward if you’re using a laptop with an inbuilt webcam, or a separate/standalone webcam. Just pick your device up, aim it away from you and scan the room. Standalone plugin webcams are available in most computer stores, office supply stores, and some department stores, with basic models costing from around $40.

    But, if your webcam is fixed (e.g inbuilt into the monitor), or you are unable to move your camera to scan your workspace, the recommendation is to use a mirror. If you need to use a mirror you must:

    • Show both sides of the mirror
    • Pan and tilt the mirror so it reflects everything in the room around you, including the walls, your desktop and if possible, the floor.
    • Check the room scan preview carefully and re-do it if you haven’t shown your room and workspace clearly

    You should practice this plenty before your real exam to make sure you’re able to perform a room scan properly.

    On my Mac I see the error message: RPNow can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.

    If you’re using a Mac and you see this error message when you try to install the software, this support guide may help.

    My Mac won’t allow the PSI secure browser to take control of the webcam and/or microphone

    If you’re on a Mac and you see the error message pictured below, this support guide may help:

    The PSI secure browser is stuck on the "Please Wait" screen 

    If you encounter issues where the system is looping on a 'please wait' screen either after launching Secure Browser or at the Security Check page, this support guide may help.   

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