Groups and groupings - add/remove users to/from groups

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Note: You can only add and remove people from User created groups. Changes to Student Two groups must be made in the Student Management system, which will then update in FLO. If you do try to change a Student Two group, it will automatically revert to what it was.


Note: If you haven't already done so, you should create a group to put people into.

  1. In the topic, open the Topic Management panel by clicking the button (cogs icon) on the main menu
    Topic management button

  2. Click on Groups in the User Links menu
    Groups link from User Links menu

  3. Select the group from the User created groups list on the left, then click the Add/remove users button on the right
    Add and remove students

  4. To add a user/s to the group, select the user/s from the Potential members column on the right (highlighted in red below) and click on the Add button (Note: You can select multiple users by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard). When selecting a single student, you can see what other groups they are enrolled in (see yellow highlight below). Use the Search function for topics with many students
    Select student to add and remove

  5. To remove a user/s from the group, select user/s from the Group members column on the left (highlighted in green above) and click Remove (Note: You can select multiple users by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard). Use the Search function for large topics with many students

  6. When you have finished adding/removing users, click the Back to groups button

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