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choice iconThe choice (poll/survey) activity is a way of engaging with students in your topic, and applying a just-in-time or responsive approach to your teaching. It is an example of active teaching and feedback. Using the choice activity or a similar tool in a lecture adds interactivity.

The choice tool enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses. 

In this guide, find out how to:

Create a choice activity

  1. In your topic, clickturn editing on to turn editing on
  2. In the week/module where you want to create the activity, click
    activity add
  3. Select Choice
    choice option 
  4. Give the choice a Name and Description
    name and description

  5. Under Options, enter the different options students can select.
  6. If you need more spaces, click
    add three fields

  7. Under Availability, select when you want to allow the responses from and until

    Timeline block: 'Allow responses until' will show to students in the Timeline block.

  8. Under Results, select if/when results are displayed to students. Note that students only see aggregated results, they do not see who selected which option.

    Students will be told when they submit give an answer if/how their answers will be seen by others.

  9. Click
    save and display

View the results of a choice activity

  1. In the choice activity, click on View X responses
    view 3 responses
  2. This will show votes for each option.

Make a selection on behalf of a student

As a teacher you can now make a selection on behalf of a student.

  1. In the choice activity, click on View X responses
  2. Select the student
  3. In the Choose an action drop down list select a preference

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