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These tools are available in FLO. For external tool options, contact your local eLearning support team

What do you want to do? Tool/s to use
Advise students a lecture or tutorial has been cancelled 

forum Announcements

The Announcements tool in FLO will send an email with the announcement posted to all enrolled students within the topic.  This usually is sent within 15-30 minutes of posting the announcement. A copy is recorded in the FLO site.
Advise students a lecture or tutorial is no longer being offered (either before commencement of topic or during topic) When a lecture or tutorial series is removed as an option from Student Management, students enrolled in that stream are automatically notified. Please contact Student Systems for more assistance.
Ask a question of all students in your topic

feedback icon Feedbackchoice iconChoice

Students have access to the FLO site one week prior to commencement. Depending on the complexity of what you want to know, you could also use a survey or other tool for this purpose. 
Convey important information to your students prior to commencement of topic To change the topic start date for students in Student Management, contact your college Education Resources Officer. This will open the FLO site to students earlier. 

Ask a question of all students in your topic, and have them reply to the entire group

For example, ask what areas should be covered in a revision lecture before the exam

forum  Forum

If students so choose, a copy of the discussion messages will be sent to their email. Notification of new posts will also appear in their My Home page.

Ask a question of some or all students in your topic, and have them reply individually

For example, ask students if they have any problems working in their project teams

Dialogue icon Dialogue tool

A copy of all messages will be kept within the topic.

Have a text-based, real-time synchronous discussion with your students

For example, when the group chatting is not able to meet face-to-face

chat iconChat

If you want to set a particular date/time for the chat session, go to Chat sessions and specify a date/time. This will appear in the topic calendar.
Email students
FLO does not have email capabilities. However, you can get student email addresses by downloading the list of users in the topic.

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