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Your quiz may have a range of question types, including essay and/or short answer. The Essay question is the only one designed for manual grading.

Manually grade automatically graded questions

If you want to manually grade questions other than the essay question (eg the Short answer question type), you will have to override the automatic mark for that question. 

  1. Click on the quiz to view in a new screen
  2. Go to Administration > Results > Manual grading
  3. Click Also show questions that have been graded automatically link (above the table of questions and grades)
  4. In the next screen, choose the question (short answer) and click the 'update grades' link
  5. Change the grade and save the changes

Manually grade an essay question

The Manual grading report enables markers to manually grade written submissions within a quiz. This grading method is automatic for the Essay question type (irrespective of what the quiz is set to).

  1. Click the Administration tab > Quiz administration > Results > Manual grading

  2. In the Questions that need grading screen, click on the grade link in the 'To grade' column
    Manual grading first screen

  3. You have options for how you order the questions to mark them (by date, student first name etc)

    Options for displaying to mark

  4. Once you have chosen your options, you will get a list of student responses to mark

    grading screen

  5. Click Save and go to next page when you have finished marking all those displayed. When you have finished, you will be prompted to return to the list of questions. Click Continue to go back to the Questions that need grading screen, which will be updated in the Already graded column
    finished grading

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