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Create a drag and drop into text question

  1. Open the quiz and either:
    • Edit the quiz, click on an Add link on the right side of the page, and select + a new question.
    • Open the question bank and click on the Create a new question button

  2. Select Drag and drop into text and click Add

  3. Supply your question with a Question name (required field) and Question text (required field):  
    In your question text, leaves 'gaps' indicated by two sets of square brackets with a number inside.  This number will indicate the correct choice for that gap
    Type question text
    Type question text
  4. Provide the question a default mark and enter any general feedback (shown to the student after they have completed the question)  
    enter a default mark and type general feedback

  5. Enter Choices:
    Decide whether to shuffle the choices (tick the box or leave unticked).  Shuffling is recommended to prevent student's from surmising the correct answer based on choice order.

    The choice with the same number as the numbered text gap is the correct answer for that gap:
    type choices

  6. To add additional 'incorrect' drag and drop answers, add additional choices that do not correspond to a numbered text gap. (in this example there is no text gap labelled [[4]], thus 'green' will be an additional option that is not the correct answer to any question)
    additional choice

  7. If using multiple choices for each question, it may be useful to Group the choices.  
    Each group will be represented by a different colour, which will apply to both the relevant gap(s) in the text and to the choices for that group. 
    select groups

    select groups
    Avoid using groups in simple questions with only as many choices as correct answers.  In this scenario the use of groups will give away the answers.
    select groups

  8. You can preview the question to check that it works correctly before clicking the Save changes button: 

  9. Click Save changes (you can now preview the question by choosing it in the question bank list and clicking the preview icon
      preview icon

Create a drag and drop onto image question

For this question type, you will need to have an image to drag and drop text/images onto. If you source an image from the internet, but be careful about copyright/usage (eg use Creative Commons and check the licensing).


  1. Open the quiz and either:
    • Edit the quiz, click on an Add link on the right side of the page, and select + a new question.
    • Open the question bank and click on the Create a new question button

  2. Select Drag and drop onto image and click Add

  3. Give the question a Category, a Question name (required field) and enter Question text (required field)
  4. Category, Question name and Question text

  5. Decide on the default mark for the question (required field)

  6. Fill in General feedback (students will see this once they have answered the question). You could include the correctly labelled image in this box. Students can then see if/where they made an error. This box is seen by all students regardless of whether their response was correct or incorrect
    General feedback
  7. Select a Background image file and drag and drop it into the box provided, or Choose a file... by searching on your computer (the image should not be larger than 600 pixels width so you may have to resize it). If you are searching the web (eg Google images), for an image be careful about copyright and usage
    background image

  8. Under Draggable items (scroll down), for the Type choose either Draggable image or Draggable text (most likely you will use text). Upload an image, or type text into the textbox that you want dragged to an area of the background image you have uploaded. Choose a Group to give each image or text item (eg 1, 2, 3...). Do this for as many items as are relevant.
    You can also tick the box Shuffle drag items each time question is attempted.
    If you tick the Infinite box, this means choices may be used in multiple locations. 
    Note: within draggable text items, limited formatting of text is possible using <sub> (subscript), <sup> (superscript), <b> or <strong> (bold), <i> or <em> (italics) and <br/> (line break)
    draggable image or text

     If Draggable image is selected:
    Draggable image selection

     If Draggable text is selected:
    draggable text option

  9. In the Drop zones section (scroll up), for Drop zone 1, choose the Draggable item from the pull-down menu (this will be whatever you have entered in the Draggable items section). These items should now appear below the background image you placed in the question.
    drop zones populated
  10. Drag the images/text onto the background image – this will populate the drop zone boxes in the Drop zones section with coordinates
    draggable items dragged to drop zone

  11. Click Save changes (if you miss one of the steps, you will stay in the editing screen and a red highlight will tell you what you have missed)  

  12. In the Question bank screen, the new question should be highlighted. Click on the magnifying glass icon  preview iconto the right of the question name to preview the question. Click on the cog icon to edit the question

    preview the question

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