How do I upload a video to FLO?

You can upload and embed audio and video in any text editor box in FLO using our new online video platform (Kaltura). Media will play on all devices.  All common, non-proprietary files are accepted, for example: mp4, mp3, wav, avi, mpeg, mov, flv.

Each FLO topic site has its own Media Vault. Once you have uploaded your media to My Media you can add it to a topic Media Vault, then anyone who can edit the FLO site can embed it on a page.

Teachers: Getting started

  1. Upload your file to your My Media. It is private until you publish it.
  2. Publish it to the Media Vault for your FLO topic site.
  3. Embed media in your FLO site. Use any text editor box — such as a page or label.

Please see the Online Video Platform help guides for further information.

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