Create columns in a resource/module

For content layout, you may want to divide a resource/module into two or more columns, or narrow and wide columns. It is good web practice to use the <div> tag to do this, rather than formatting using tables (an accessibility issue). The bootstrap grid icon provides a range of layouts and enables easy applicability.

The HTML editor is used almost everywhere you can enter text. Most activities incorporate an HTML editor, commonly found in the field where you enter the 'introduction', 'description', 'content' or 'text' of an activity or resource. The functions of the HTML editor are particularly useful when adding content to pages books, forum posts, wikis and labels.  


  1. In your FLO resource/module, in the HTML editor toolbar click on the Show more buttonsShow more buttons iconicon
  2. From the toolbar menu, select the Bootstrap grid bootstrap grid iconicon
  3. From the pull-down Bootstrap grid icon menu, choose the layout you want (2 column, 3 column etc)
  4. grid options
  5. Populate the columns with text (example below)
  6. 2-column grid example
  7. Click Save changes

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