Give feedback (and a grade) on forum posts

You can give feedback on a forum post/s in the gradebook for each student. If you are rating student posts, the forum will be automatically added to the gradebook. If you are not rating posts but wish to assess forum participation, you will need to add the forum assessment item to the gradebook manually.


  1. Once the forum has closed, go to the gradebook (Administration > Grades)

    grades adminstration

  2. In the Grader report, look for the assessment item (forum) in the columns to the right of student names

  3. Look for the student/s you want to give feedback to in the first column

  4. Click on the cell corresponding to the student and the grade item – two editable boxes will appear. The one with a straight-line border is the grade box and the one with the dashed border is the feedback box:

    grade and feedback boxes
  5. Fill in the boxes with the grade and feedback. This is also where you can moderate the grade

  6. When you unhide the gradebook assessment item, the marks will be released to students. In student view the screen will look like this:

    Student view of forum feedback

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