Create an embedded answers (Cloze) question

Before you start

We recommend that you add a category to the question bank.

Want to see how this question type works?

  1. Self enrol in the Collections in FLO topic
  2. View question 8: Embedded answers (Cloze) (Colour quiz)


To set up this question type, you need to generate cloze text. This means that where an answer is required, you will need to generate bracketed instructions so the answer can be marked automatically and feedback generated. For example:

{1:SHORTANSWER:%0%tertiary#Sorry, that's incorrect~%100%primary#That's correct!~%0%secondary#Not quite, read the question carefully}

This can be a complex process if you are not familiar with it, and it is easy to make a mistake. You could try the Moodle Cloze editor which can generate cloze from your text. Once generated, you can copy and paste it into the Question text area in this question.

  1. In the question bank, click Create a new question

  2. Select Embedded and click Add
    select the icon for embedded answers (cloze)    add
  3. Give the question a Category

  4. Give the question a Name (required field)
    enter category and question name
  5. Enter question text (this will include Cloze text – see note above) (required field)
    enter question text
  6. Fill in General feedback (students will see this once they have answered the question)
    general feedback
  7. Give a penalty and hint for each incorrect try
    Penalty and hints
  8. Click Save changes
    save changes

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