Import groups from CSV

  1. Create a new CSV file in Excel

  2. In the first row, enter 'username', then 'group' in the first two cells.

  3. In subsequent rows, enter a student FAN, followed by the name of the group you are adding them to
    Note: If a group name already exists, the student will be added to the existing group. If the group name is new, the group will be created.

  4. Save the file in the .csv format

  5. In your topic's Administration block, go to Users > Groups

    Administration block.  Select 'users' then 'groups'
  6. Click Import groups
    Import groups button
  7. Upload your csv file and click Import groups

    Import groups by choosing a file or by dragging and dropping
  8. Your groups and users will be imported.
    Note: You may see some messages telling you that the group already exists. That's fine - your students will be added to the existing group.

  9. Go back to the Users > Groups page and check your groups and student allocations have been set up correctly.

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