Collaboration space (for staff)

Flinders Online Collaboration User Space (FOCUS) is an online shared work environment using FLO (Flinders Learning Online). The spaces can be customised by Flinders staff members and include a range of collaborative tools as well as the usual FLO tools. The aim of the space is to provide a familiar, easy-to-use environment designed to promote collaboration among staff. The spaces are a place to store, share and work on content with collaborators, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Getting started with a collaboration space

The steps for creating a collaboration space are as follows.

A template is a starting point for your space. It contains tools and headings designed to suit different types of collaboration spaces. There are three templates to choose from which are designed to relate to the purpose of your collaborative group. They include:

You can add and delete any of the tools available in the models. The models are a guide to what a collaboration space can look like, however they are very flexible and easy to change.

Email to request a collaboration space.

Please include the model you would like to use as a starting point (or start from scratch) and a name for your collaboration space.

The request will usually take up to 24 hours to be completed, after which the FLO Help team will email you with details of your space.

If you have selected a template, it will have tools added by default. You can add and remove tools as needed.

Research model

Tools already in site:

Other tools you can add:

Committee model

Tools already in site:

Other tools you can add:

Community of practice model

Tools already in site:

Other tools you can add:

There may be documents you want to share with the whole group, eg. project proposal, grant applications etc. You can upload these by uploading a file.

The FLO Help team can provide you with instructions for adding collaborators to your space. If external team members require access, they will need to have a FAN. Please see the information on creating visitor FANs.


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Collaboration examples in FLO is a collection of mocked-up collaboration FLO spaces that demonstrate a variety of purposes:

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