Download FLO - export a glossary

The glossary tool in FLO/Moodle has no corresponding equivalent tool in Canvas. However, you can export the entries from an FLO glossary as a text file (that you may wish to reuse in Canvas via another tool such as pdf, an H5P object etc). 

To export content from the glossary tool:

  1. Open the glossary you wish to export entries from. 

  2. Click on the cog in the top right corner of the glossary tool, and select Export entries.

  3. Select a format (usually File download) then click the Export to portfolio button.

  4. Choose the export format (usually Spreadsheet) then Next, then Continue.

  5. The content will be plain text in a spreadsheet and will not include any pictures.
    If you wish to export the pictures from your glossary entries, you will need to right click and click Save image as… (for PC) or Control + click (for Mac) for each glossary entry picture individually.

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