Participants - complete report

FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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The complete report provides a detailed overview of a student's action sequences as per the FLO site. This report lets you see the contents of a student's contribution for all items in the FLO site (eg their forum posts for a week). The report is organised as per the outline report but with the actual items included. 

Useful for: Qualitatively assessing a student's progress, especially if marking a student's work formatively.


  1. Click on the Topic Management panel
    topic management panel

  2. In the User links column, click on Participants
    user links image

  3. Select the individual student by clicking on their name. A profile view will appear for the selected student.

  4. In the Reports section select 'Complete report' to obtain an overview of the action sequences as per FLO site for the selected student.


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