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FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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The data captured by FLO can be used to inform practice – telling you whether students are engaging with your topic, what is working/not working, and any problems they may be having (eg failed login attempts).  

Logs in FLO are activity reports. A teacher can use the logs report to create different reports that show activity in the topic. The log can be used to see:

  • how often a resource or activity has been accessed (see also Activity report)
  • if an individual student has viewed a resource or activity (see also  Activity report)
  • when a student has participated in an activity (e.g. posted to a forum, attempted a quiz, submitted an assignment) 

Note: Logs cannot reliably show how long a user has been doing an activity or has actually viewed a resource. The logs only show whether the resource was opened.

  1. Click on the Topic management panel

  2. In the User links column, click on Logs

  3. By default, you see logs of all activities in a topic but you can use filters to choose what you want to see:

    • Participants: See the actions for all people in the topic, or for a particular person

    • Days: View actions for all time, or for a particular day

    • Activities: Choose between seeing the logs for all activities, or a particular activity

    • Actions: Show all types of actions, or
      • View will show the topic, activity, and resource views.
      • Create will show when resources and activities have been added by the teacher, and discussion posts or assignment submissions have been added by anyone.
      • Update will show any settings changes to resources or activities made by teachers, as well as any edits made to forum posts by anyone.
      • Delete shows when any activities and resources were deleted by the teacher, as well as deleted quiz submissions and forum posts.

  4. Click the Get these logs button

  5. A breakdown of the topic logs will appear

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