Gradebook - build and edit a marking guide for online marking (assignments and forums)

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This entry relates to the Gradebook.

You can design and use marking guides to mark assignments and forums online.

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Build a marking guide

  1. Before you can build a marking guide, you need to set up the assignment or forum for online marking using a marking guide

  2. Give your marking guide a name (required) and a description (optional)
    name and description

  3. Add a name for the criterion in the Click to edit criterion name area
    edit criterion name

  4.  Add a description for students – type in the Click to edit area. You can also add a description for the markers (if required)
    description for students

  5. Allocate a mark for the criterion, type a number into the Click to edit area for Maximum score
    maximum score

  6. Click the Add criterion button to add extra criterion
    add criterion

  7. Move your criterion up and down using the arrows, or delete (x)
    move or delete

  8. At Frequently used comments, type in the Click to edit area to enter a comment, then click the +Add frequently used comments button until you have finished entering the comments you want markers to use
    frequently used comments

  9. Select options for your marking guide
    marking guide options

  10. Click the Save marking guide and make it ready button


Edit a marking guide

Edit a marking guide (prior to opening the assignment for submissions)

  1. Open the activity
  2. Select Advanced grading from the Actions menu cog

3. On the Advanced grading page, click Edit the current form definition
4. Once you have finished making changes, click the Save button

Student view

Students can view the marking guide (Grading criteria) before they submit their assignment on the Submission status screen:

student view of marking guide

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