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This entry relates to topic administration.

It is possible to create a non-award (short) course in FLO using existing infrastructure. FLO can provide the same functionality to deliver non-award (short) courses as is available for award topics. The key difference is because non-award (short) courses do not exist in 'upstream' systems, eg. Student Management System, then some process is less automated than what is possible for award topics. This page outlines what is available in FLO to support non-award (short) courses. 

The Online Learning and Teaching team can assist with:

  • Learning design advice (course structure, content and strategies)
  • Creation of FLO site
  • Assigning 'category administrator' access (so that someone can add students to FLO sites)
  • Rolling over a site for a new cohort
  • Skills development support
Please note that other elements such as advertising, enquiries, admission, enrolment, payment, identity management, student support and completion will need to be arranged with your College.

1. New courses: Request learning design advice (contact your local Learning Designer)
  • Advice on course structure

    Discuss options for how the course is structured, how you want participants to engage with the digital learning environment and how completions will be administered.

  • Advice on content and strategies
    You can create the non-award (short) course using the standard FLO tools and activities, curate outside sites in the FLO site, or embed SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) packages into FLO. Advice is focused on the tools within the FLO ‘ecosystem’. It may be possible to transfer existing content into FLO if existing online courses are hosted on Moodle platforms. 

2. Create FLO site (Service One request
  • FLO site creation
    The Online Learning and Teaching (OLT) team can create a FLO site for your non-award (short) course. This may consist of a single site, a series of discreet sites, or linked sites. We can advise you, dependent on your requirements.

  • Category Administrator role assigned
    One person can be enrolled as the site/s owner, with the Category Administrator role, enabling them to manage access to the FLO site. Once participants in a course have been assigned a FAN, and once they have activated the FAN, they can be granted access to the FLO site.
Manual enrolment with FAN (College administration responsibility)
FAN sponsors are staff members authorised to request the creation of FANs for non-award students. AccessNow allows the creation of FAN accounts by sponsors. See existing sponsors on the Find a sponsor in your area (login) page, or contact IDS (8201 2345 or Service One) and request to be added to as a sponsor. More information on how to create a FAN is available on the AccessNow website.
  • Repeat site for a new cohort
    If the course will be run in several iterations, content from the existing FLO site can be 'rolled' into a new site for each new iteration. This strategy enables you to manage cohorts discretely. The alternative is to manage existing and new enrolments within the one FLO site. 

3. Skills development  
  • Skills development
    Online Learning and Teaching teams can provide workshops and 1:1 support for staff who will be developing and teaching using the FLO sites. Please note that the Online Learning and Teaching team are not resourced to build FLO sites for non-award (short) courses. 

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