Edit your topic in FLO


  1. To begin editing your topic, select the turn editing on button 
    turn editing on button
    Alternatively, select turn editing on from the administration block
    turn editing on option from the administration block
  2. To add a new activity or resource, click the add an activity or resource button that will now be available at the bottom right of each module.  Please see our selection of toolguides for more information about the range of resources and activities available, and how to add them
    add an activity or resource button
  3. To edit existing activities and resources, select an option from the actions menu that appears as a drop down list alongside each item.
    edit a resource or activity
       Edit settings    Move right     Hide  
      Assign roles    Delete  

    Once inside an activity or resource, the edit option is available in the administration tab
    edit settings

  4. To move activities and resources up and down the page, hover over the move resource icon and then click and drag the activity/resource to its preferred location.  Activities and resources can be moved both within and between modules
    move aresource
    Blocks can be moved in a similar fashion.  They can also be moved from one side of the page to the other

  5. When editing is complete, select the Turn editing off button

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