Add random questions to a quiz

If you have random questions in your quiz, students taking a quiz simultaneously are unlikely to get the same questions at the same time. The more questions you provide the more likely it is that students will get different questions on each attempt. You need to provide enough questions in the category from which the random questions are chosen for this to work (eg in a quiz of 20 questions you might want to aim for 10 random questions, so a question bank of 30 questions for this quiz). 

Random questions are useful in a test or exam situation (ie an assessable quiz).


  1. In your quiz, click Edit quiz
    edit quiz
  2. Click on Add dropdown list and select Add a random question
    show question bank contents
  3. Change the category to be the one containing the questions
    change category
  4. Select the number of questions you wish to add and click Add random question
    add 2 random questions to quiz

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