Create an essay question

Before you start

We recommend that you add a category to the question bank.

Want to see how this question type works?

  1. Self enrol in the Collections in FLO topic
  2. View question 7: Essay (Colour quiz)


  1. In the quiz or question bank, click Create a new question
    create a new question
  2. Select Essay and click Add
    essay icon    add button
  3. Give the question a name (this is seen by teachers only)
  4. Fill in the question text
    enter a category, question name, question text, and default mark
  5. Provide general question feedback
    general feedback
  6. If you want students to upload a file, select Allow attachments and choose a number from the drop down menu (Note: if students are required to write a long essay as part of a quiz, we strongly recommend they write it in Word and either upload the file or copy and paste into the response box)
    select allow attachments and choose from the drop down menu
  7. Click Save changes
    save changes

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