Create a standard assignment

In the standard assignment each student can upload up to 3 files into FLO. Submitted files can either be opened one by one, or downloaded in a zip file.

With the standard assignment students must click the submit button to finalise their assignment. An assignment will remain in draft (allowing the student to make changes to text or upload new files) until the student clicks the submit button. Once submit has been clicked they will be unable to modify their assignment without topic coordinator intervention.



  1. Turn Editing on using the button in the top right corner   turn editing on
  2. Go to the week or module where you would like the assignment to appear
  3. Choose Add an activity or resource  add activity or resource
  4. Select Assignment  
  5. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the box.  add button
  6. You will be taken to the Adding a new Assignment screen where you can set the parameters of your assignment

  7. Fill in the name, description, due date and cut-off date. See table below for more information
  8. Click Save and display   save and display


Important: After you have created the assignment, we strongly recommend you hide the grade column in the gradebook. This will prevent students from seeing their grades until you are ready to release them. How do I hide a column in the gradebook?


Configure the assignment

To create a standard assignment, the only settings you need to pay attention to are:

Name The title of the assignment. This is what the students will see on the topic homepage and the name that will be used in the gradebook. Assignment 1: Political discourse in Australia
Description Using the HTML toolbar to enter the description you can provide links to literature or website, add images or videos. You can also provide detailed instructions of how you expect students to submit (eg. file types accepted, word limits, font size or type requirements, line spacing etc).

Note: To use the rich editing features, select the 'Show editing tools' button

Write 1500 words about the state of political discourse in Australia between 2001 and 2014. This is worth 25% of your final grade
Due date The last day that students can submit without their submission being marked as late. Students can still submit assignments after the due date as long as the Cut-off date is enabled. Assignments submitted after the Due but before the Cut-off date will be marked in the grading screen as late.

Tip: It is recommended that the Due date is set for a time when the FLO Helpdesk will be available to assist students having difficulties submitting assignments. For example 10am, 11am or 12 midday are good times

 2:00pm, Monday 26th May 2014
Cut-off date

Used to allow late submissions up to a specified date. After the cut-off date no more submissions can be made unless an individual extension has been granted.

Tip: It is recommended that you set a cut-off date at least 1 week after the due date, to allow for any late submissions.

2:00pm, Monday 3rd June 2014


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