Add questions to a quiz (edit quiz)

If you want to add questions from a text file rather than creating them in the question bank, contact your eLearning support team.


  1. Add questions
  2. Add a module heading
  3. Preview the quiz

Add questions
  1. Click on the quiz you have created

  2. Click the Edit quiz link      
    edit quiz button
  3. Click the Add link
    click Add
  4. Click the from question bank option
    click from Question bank
  5. Click the box next to the questions, click Add selected questions to the quiz.  
    add question to quiz

Add a module heading

If you have a number of questions and it would make sense to group them, you can add a module heading. With a quiz of 20 or more questions using free navigation, headings may be particularly helpful to the user.

  1. To add a heading above the first question, click the pencil above the question, type the heading title, then press Enter
  2. add a module heading (first one)

  3. If you want to add a module heading to later questions, click on the Add pull-down menu and select 'a new module heading'. It will be created above the question you clicked next to
    Add a module heading (to other questions)

  4. Click on the 'New heading' pencil to create a heading (other option is to delete)new heading for module

Preview the quiz
When you have finished adding questions, remember to preview the quiz. In the Administration block, click Preview
preview the quiz
You will not be able to add any further questions to the quiz once it has been attempted

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