Grant extensions for assignments


Flinders now provides an extension tool that allows students to request extensions for assignments electronically, and topic coordinators to process these requests electronically. For requests that are approved, the extension date is automatically changed in FLO. Go to Manage requests for extensions electronically or contact your eLearning support team for more information. 

The information on this page explains how to grant extensions using the standard options in FLO, without using the new tool.

If required, topic coordinators can grant students extensions beyond the due date and beyond the cut-off date.


  1. Click on the assignment 

  2. Click 

  3. Move your mouse over the edit icon  icon in the edit menu.

  4. From this menu select Grant extension.
    image displays drop-down menu after clicking 'edit'
  5. Place a tick in the Enable box and select the date for the extension.

  6. Click 
    enable and set date
  7. The status will now indicate that an extension has been granted.
    view the extension in the 'individual assignment status'

Note: Grant extension should not be used to simply extend the due date of an assignment for all students. If you wish to change the due date this should be done through a modification of the assignment settings.

Students will see the extension date in the following locations in FLO:

On the assignment submission page 

view of extension in student assignnmet submission


On the My Topics list Extension date

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