Create an attendance activity


  1. Click the Turn editing on button
    turn editing on

  2. Click Add an activity or resource

    add activty or resource button

  3. Select Attendance then click Add

    attendance activity

  4. Name the attendance sheet (eg Tutorial Attendance)

    attendance name

  5. Assign a grade type other than None to create an entry for this activity in the Gradebook. You are advised to select Point, not Scale, for the grade type. If you wish to use Scale: select Point as the grading method until all attendances are marked (ie all data is in the Gradebook), then change the grading type to Scale. Keep the grades hidden until you change to Scale (close the eye for this activity in the Gradebook), then release the grades. Students will still be able to view their attendance during the topic 
    enter a grade
  6. Click Save and display

  7. Click the Add session tab
    open add tab
  8. There are two types of sessions: common and groups. Ability to add different types depends on activity group mode (edit settings>common module settings>group mode)
    • In group mode "No groups" you can add only common sessions.
    • In group mode "Visible groups" you can add common and group sessions.
    • In group mode "Separate groups" you can add only group sessions.

      Click and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple groups.

  9. Fill in details about the session you wish to record attendance for. 
    attendance details
  10. To create a repeating series of sessions (eg weekly tutorials), select Create multiple sessions.
    Once selected, the Session end date, Session days and Frequency options will be made available
    select 'create multiple sessions

12.   Click Add session

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