Add blocks to my topic

Blocks usually appear in the right-hand side of the topic main page. However, be aware that if the FLO site is being viewed on a mobile device the blocks may move to the bottom of the screen. Students can also move blocks around (left/right), hide (dock) or delete them.


  1. In your topic, click Turn editing on
    turn editing on button
  2. Locate the Add a block menu (usually on the right-hand side)
    add a block menu
  3. Select the type of block you wish to add

Types of blocks

Block name Description
Activities Lists all activities used in the topic, with links to show all activities of each type
Attendance Provides a link to the attendance register. Requires the Attendance activity
Comments Allows students to post comments on the page. Comments will be visible to all users in the topic
Feedback Provides link to provide feedback. Requires the Feedback activity
HTML Allows you to enter custom text, links and images
Lecture recordings Provides a link to the lecture management interface (QStream)
Logged in user Shows the current logged in user (you)
Messages Links to the Messages tool
Module links Provides a table of contents of modules in the topic
People Links to the Participants tool
Quiz results Shows results from quizzes in the topic
Random glossary entry Shows a random glossary entry. Requires the Glossary tool
Recent activity Shows the most recent activity in the topic
Remote RSS feed Allows you to import RSS feeds from external websites
Search forums Provides a tool to search all forums in the topic
Self completion Displays progress on self completion in the topic
Topic completion status Displays progress on topic completion
Upcoming events Shows calendar events for the next 7 days

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