Topic administration - suspended / not current status on the Participants screen

What is Suspended or Not current status?

The Participants screen shows all students and teaching staff associated with the topic. If you see a user whose status is Suspended or Not current, this means the user is no longer able to access the topic.

Reasons for Suspended status:

  • a student withdrew
  • a staff member was removed from the teaching team
  • their access has expired
  • they have a sanction on their account

Reasons for Not current status:

  • their access hasn't started
  • their access has expired 

How to get a list of active students
  1. Open the Participants screen via the Participants link in the Navigation menu (left of your screen)
    Participants link in navigation menu

    Or open the Topic management window and click Participants in User Links section
    Topic management window cog
    Participants link

  2. A list of participants will show

  3. In the filter at the top of the screen, select Status from the drop-down menu, choose Active then click the Apply filters button
    Participants status active

  4. All active participants will show (students and staff)

  5. To only see active students, add a second filter by clicking the Add condition link, choose Role then Student, set the Match filter to All and click the Apply filters button
    Multiple search filters

    By default, the gradebook only shows active students, so you can also view the list of active students in the Grader report screen. See Gradebook – view students’ grades for more information.
    Active students in grader report

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