Topic administration - Student equivalent (was Auditing student) in FLO

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This entry relates to topic administration

In FLO the role of auditing student has been renamed to ‘Student equivalent’, in order to try to avoid confusion. The term auditing student has a very specific meaning. According to policy, auditing students are not permitted access to FLO. Therefore, asking for someone to be given access to FLO as an auditing student is a conflicting request.

The ‘student equivalent’ role has the same permissions in FLO as a student role. Requests for users to be added to FLO topics using the ‘student equivalent’ role can be sent to your college eLearning support team via Service One.

‘Student equivalent’ may be an appropriate role to assign in the following situations:

  • Demo student for testing / reviewing purposes
  • A student completing a research project who may benefit from access to teaching materials
  • Students listed as ‘Incomplete’ who may benefit from access to teaching materials
  • Temporary access to a past topic for students repeating that topic
  • Access for RPL requirements
  • Access to an undergraduate topic for a postgraduate student

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